I've been coding since high school, the thing that draws me to programming in general is the sheer amount of things you can do. You as a developer have the ability to develop anything that you'd like, as long as you can conceive it. I maintain a constant passion for web development, both front end and back end. I enjoying learning the most, I'd much rather be learning and creating things that are both random and useful than sitting around and doing nothing.

How I keep my skills sharp

I'm never not learning, I am constantly enrolled into free coding courses. I'm also studying to obtain a few certifications. Relational databases, Linux system administration, scripting are a few other things that I enjoy. Whenever I have a spare moment I try and put in some study time to get my RHCSA redhat certification.

What I want to do next

I would really like to obtain experience in pretty much any related field, as I have stated I am very passionate about learning. Some of these fields include, a full stack python or js developer, a database administrator, a .net developer or a position as a QA/Tester. I am currently looking for my first position as a developer.


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